Autogas – A Cleaner Solution That Delivers Reliable Savings

2017 will be the year that Ireland’s love affair with diesel ends and cleaner, more efficient fuels, such as Autogas from Calor, will deliver the environmental and cost benefits that motorists are looking for. Calor Autogas LPG produces up to 23% less carbon than petrol and 40% less Nitrous Oxides than diesel.  Calor Autogas is also considerably cheaper than petrol or diesel, at almost 50% less, and although a car which has been converted to run on LPG won’t be quite as fuel efficient as the petrol equivalent with usually a drop of around 10% expected, overall with the lower fuel cost, switching to Calor Autogas can reduce running costs significantly.

The fall-out from the diesel-gate scandal is set to cause a revolution in motoring.   Governments around Europe have already begun to take action to restrict diesel sales.  The UK Government has signalled its intention to ban diesel cars by 2040.  Norway is looking at a ban by 2025 and cities like Paris, Athens and Munich are already taking the lead to ban diesel cars in the short term. The Irish Government is actively considering a significant rise in excise on diesel in the coming budget.

As motorists look for alternatives, they are considering cost, environmental benefit and reliability. Autogas LPG from Calor delivers on all fronts. Autogas provides significant cost and environmental benefits when compared to both diesel and petrol.  It delivers reliability and range which electric vehicles cannot deliver due to the current limitations of battery technology.

With dedicated LPG or dual fuel engines, it is easy to convert an existing vehicle to Autogas. Converting to autogas will also improve engine smoothness and reliability, and has virtually the same power output as petrol. Most engines are suitable for an LPG conversion, and majority of LPG kits can be completely integrated with the existing fuel and engine management systems of modern vehicles, allowing you to switch between two different fuel types if necessary.

Autogas is suitable for cars vans and lorries and Calor can advise on the most cost-effective way of making the switch to this clean fuel. With over 16m Autogas (LPG) drivers worldwide, you will be in good company.

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