Volvo Cars to stop developing new diesel engines

Swedish carmaker Volvo will not develop any new diesel engines as the cost of reducing emissions of nitrogen oxide is becoming too expensive, chief executive Hakan Samuelsson was quoted as saying on Wednesday. Current generation of diesel engines likely to be produced until 2023.

“From today’s perspective, we will not develop any more new-generation diesel engines,” Samuelsson told German’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in an interview.

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Total Produce Invests In Environmentally Friendly LPG Autogas Fleet

In what is a first in Irish agri-business, Total Produce has partnered with Gallagher Brother Haulage to convert a fleet of eight 40ft lorries from conventional diesel fuelled vehicles to BIO LPG Autogas. This conversion will yield immediate and dramatic dividends in Environmental terms. When compared to a regular diesel fuelled lorry, each vehicle delivers:

A reduction in diesel consumption of up to 35%.
A reduction in noise pollution of up to 10%.
A reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions of up to 48%.
A reduction in NOx emissions of up to 45%

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