European Parliament invites the European Commission to introduce incentives for alternative fuels in transport

The European Parliament approved today a resolution on the road transport sector. Resolutions are non-binding documents, which state the position of the European Parliament on a certain subject, usually having the goal to influence the legislative work of the European Commission, or to push it to make an official statement.

The resolution approved today sets the position of the European Parliament on the future of road transport, ahead of the release of the Mobility Package by the European Commission later in the month. The Mobility Package will contain several legislative proposals that aim at shaping the road transport sector. Among them, new CO2 standards for trucks, vans and cars and rules on driving times of truck drivers are some of the proposals that will be put forward.

With today’s resolution, the European Parliament expresses once again its opinion that the European Commission and Member States should stimulate the uptake of alternative fuels, as a means to make the road transport sector more environmentally friendly. The European Parliament explains that the transition to alternative fuels “requires corresponding incentives and that the reduction goals should be formulated in a technology-neutral manner”. In addition, the European Parliament also “asks the Commission to further study the opportunities to accelerate the shift towards low-emission transport by introducing the incentive for retrofitting”.

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