The Autogas taxi – a cleaner and cheaper alternative fuel

Developed as part of the Birmingham NOx reduction champions project, the ionic Black Cab normally powered by a Diesel Engine, is improved dramatically by replacing the diesel engine with a petrol engine converted to run on cleaner Autogas, the Autogas taxi.

The benefits are very clear to the 4 drivers who have been handed over the keys of their new converted Cabs (TX1). The engine is quiet and runs with almost no vibrations, plus the fuel costs are more than 20% reduced by running on Autogas. The petrol engine fitted as a replacement for the diesel engine, is also tuned to match the character and power of the replaced diesel engine, and a bit more.

Since the start of the project Autogas Limited, Birmingham based Harborne Garage and 2 Dutch companies KPS, Kronenburg Powertrain Solutions and Vogels Autogas are involved with getting this NOx reduction Solution on the road. The new solution has been tested for emissions and succeeded to get EURO 6 approval. The effect on the replaced diesel is quite impressive; 80% less NOx and 99% less Particle Matter. Added to the 20% fuel savings and a 5 year extension in some cities, why should you not want to convert?

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